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A Rabbi’s Words about the Zoo Tragedy

For those of you who, like me, are still ‘sitting with’ the tragedy that happened last Sunday at the zoo (see previous post), I want to share a response that I just encountered in our local newspaper.  Written by a Rabbi who is also down the road from the zoo, it speaks about the necessity of silence in the face of such great suffering.


I re-post it for you because this family and the bystanders are still heavy on my heart.  I have heard so many words about this tragedy, and the majority have been each individual’s interpretation of who was to blame for it.  I get this–we want to know why it happened and how such a thing could have been avoided.  Coming up with an explanation gives some comfort.  If only the mother or the zoo or the bystanders… or God… would have acted differently… then…

I get this.  I “wear my heart outside of my body” (i.e. in my oh-so-very-mortal children) too.

But I still think that this Rabbi has a point.