Long Days and Short Years

just trying to pay attention so I don't miss my life

Part Two: Life of Luxury–counting blessings

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Now that I’ve begun, it’s hard to stop.  A quick tour around my house revealed more luxury items.  These are just highlights… I am a very rich person, and I don’t want to bore you.


The Living Room:  Photographs, a comfy couch, interesting magazines and three bean bags.  A well-fed dog lying on a wool rug.  Well-fed cats trying to get to the windowsill without the well-fed dog noticing them.

Dining Room:  Overflowing bookshelves, colored pencils, kid-sized table (with adorable kid-sized chairs) and the thermostat.

Kitchen:  So many it’s a little embarrassing.  Drawers of spices from all around the world, fruit from far away, and Flintstone Vitamins.  Refrigeration and alphabet fridge magnets.  Gadgets that grind, mix, juice, chop and play music (but not one that does all these things simultaneously–I knew there was something I needed).

Bathroom:  Over-the-counter medicine galore, a shower that gets hot, toothbrushes and dental floss.  Soft towels in stacks.

Bedrooms:  Bunk beds, beautiful picture books, extra pillows, and clothes for every season and occasion.  Gift bags  and tissue paper.  More overflowing bookshelves, and a whole bin of yarn that I used to knit scarves… when I did such a thing.

Etc.: Power tools, glass windows on every floor, and a newspaper that gets delivered to our house everyday.  Imagine.


Taking this little tour makes me wonder–is this a list of items to feel guilty about?  Maybe, but I’m not sure that guilt it very helpful.  Guilt is like the mother who scolds, “Clean your plate.  There are starving children in the world.” and the kid who says, “Great, I’m full, go ahead and send it.”  You don’t get very far with guilt.

Instead, I find considering those three money questions again… you remember… “Am I wise?”  “Am I grateful?” “Do I share?”  And the answer to each question is both yes and no.  For now, I think that counting my blessings is one way of moving in the right direction.  Paying attention to what I already have is certainly helping me to be more grateful, hopefully it will help me to be more wise (like when I noticed that I have five fall coats–how did that happen?), and prayerfully it will teach me to share.

So, anybody need a fall coat… or a whole bin of yarn?


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